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Helllooooooooo people!

Can I firstly say how great it is to finally find a site which really helps with the whole concept of constructing a guitar the proper way!!! I'm looking to build myself a replica of the Ibanez Jem 7 series as I had one... alas it was nicked... after many years of soul searching I have decided to try and recreate it... but with a swirl finish! If anyone has the specs as in dimensional sizes for a jem body / neck I'd really appreciate getting hold of them. Or if anybody can possibly point me in the right direction of getting hold of them again... I'd be mucho grateful!!!! player So yeah thanks very much for reading this! Anyone has any other ideas feel free to email me! the address is lpfletcher@ukonline.co.uk!


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Brian do you know where there are any floyd rose blue prints like that around?

I've seen many break away pictures with all of the parts displayed but I don't think I've seen any blueprint's.

I'll have a look around later on tonight and see what I can dig up.

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Guest AlexVDL

Hey Matia, if you want I can give you a CAD drawing of the jem. With AANJ or original old style neck joint. And rear or front cavity models.

With these drawings you can print them scale 1:1 and use them as templates. The drawings I have are copies of the original blueprint.

Just let me know!



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