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Here's An Idea


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So here's what i've got:


As you can see, my neckthrough neck is thicker than the body wings. Now, what if i get two pieces of wood to set the plunge router on, clamp em down on either side of the neck, and then run the bit over the maple ridge piece at the appropriate depth(1/4" at a time obviously). Do you think that would get rid of the ridge?

I'm just wondering if anyone else has done this. I have a lot of CNC mill experience, but unfortunately i don't have access to one, nor have i ever worked with something this large. To me, my router is basically a little freehand milling machine.

thoughts? comments? criticisms? experience?

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What you want to do is make a sled that will straddle the neck and then take off what you want a little at a time. Like an upside down U that rides on the table with the router screwed to it. Lower the bit a little at a time. Not a big deal. I length of 1/2 inch plywood with a couple of blocks on each end will do the job.


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I made my first neckthrough back in the 70's just like that. The neck section was much thicker than the 'ears' on the backside and bulged out about a half inch in the center. I rounded the edges a bit, but the look never bothered me because it was on the back, and it wastn't uncomfortable. Besides, the extra wood probably gives better support.....

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Router or a hand plane . . . both would take care of that quickly. Even a random orbital sander and some 60 grit would. But dugg has an interesting point, and since it's a pointy guitar, maybe you should consider leaving the spine, and fluting it or something :D

Just a thought . . .

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