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The Nut

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will white glue actually hold it though? i heard somewhere it will come off easy.

What's your nut material? Bone is sorta pourus(sp?), I think, so titebond or just white glue works - you can also use super glue, but BE CAREFUL with superglue, the THIN stuff likes to run like water. If you use superglue, put a SMALL dab on the nut, then put the nut into place.

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Remember that the strings are holding the nut in place with a lot of pressure. If for some reason the slot for your nut was too big, you should correct that with shims glued in. It should fit in snugly for tonal reasons even w/o glue. I have never heard of a nut coming off a guitar be accident.

Wow, a hundred posts, it sure is nice here on the forum... :D

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