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Logo Technique almost perfected........


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Goto Briefcase.

login - bearsfiles

pass - password

Try that!

Basically what I did was to duplicate the logo in Photoshop 6. Takes alot of time and patience but I think the final results are worth it.

Once your happy with the logo, flip it over so it is backwards.

I then printed it onto a clear plastic transparency, purchased from an office supplies store. These are the type used to make presentation displays on overhead projectors. Mine were bubblejet compatible with a glossy side and a slightly matt side. You print the reversed image onto the matt side at the highest resolution your printer can. This logo was done @ 1400 dpi.

Once the ink has dried ( give it about 10 minutes), I then coloured in the "Fender" part with a very fine tipped silver paint pen.

Give it about 30 minutes to dry the silver, and there you go!!!!!!!!!

Im yet to try applying one to a neck, but I figure if you lay the logo into the first or second tacky coat of clear finish and then dust a few coats over the top, building up the thickness until the plastic dissapears.....................anyway, it all good in theory we'll see.

The hardest part is done for me tho, getting a realistic looking logo onto clear material was my main goal.

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BeAR, you are the master of Bezier curves.

The only thing that I have to wonder about is why you've chosen to copy the Fender logo. You could make it say "Fodder" B) Reminds me of the fellow who took his Marshall stack and turned it into an "arsehole" stack. :D

Still, I like the technique. It looks fantastic. I'm curious to hear how the finish goes.

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Well Jehle,

Its a Fender Body, Fender Texas Special p/ups, Fender neckplate and screws, Fender Wiring and switch............you get the point.

Anyway, its more fun building a Strat than it is buying one and I just wanted to complete the whole "look" of the guitar.

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