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Gibson Headstock Logo Creation

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I'm doing the final things on my SG project before I apply the finish, and the final thing I have to do is put a custom logo on the headstock. I had it all designed and ready to go. I decided against inlaying because of the time it would take me to do. Instead I was leaning towards a gloss paint or a decal. I've already been unsuccessful in painting the logo on, so I was wondering if anyone had a good tutorial on making a decal that I could apply onto the black paint and then finish over. I've read the tutorial on this site, but I was wondering if there were any different/better methods that I could use to make one myself.

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I really really hope that the title of this thread does not indicate that you want to make a Gibson logo for your SG guitar. Since I'm assuming you have no desire to recreate a Gibson logo to fraudulently put on your guitar I'll suggest these guys. They have a ton of fonts colors and graphics and their vinyl really holds up to being sprayed over. Also they make small runs so you dont have to buy 1000 of them to get a good price. I've used them alot in the past and I've been really happy with them.Check them out at Decal City

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Have you considered water slide decals? You can buy A4 sheets through hobbyists that can be printed in colour via ink-jet or laser printers. The principles are essentially the same as the tutorial on this site but the clear coat build up that you'll need for water slide decals will be less than for mylar film or vinyl decals (IMHO) B) .

This is one that I recently did on a maple neck which gives you some sense of the possibilities. Obviously though there'd be some different design considerations if you're putting a logo on a black background ... primarily because colour printers (most commonly) do not print white ... that is left clear for the white paper to show through.

Separately, I've done a logo for a black background which I've printed with a gold font and it looks as though it will be a strong logo ... but I'm yet to actually apply it so I can't show pics :D .



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