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Floyd Rose Quandry


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Hi all

I'm interested in fitting a Floyd Rose on my shortscale Jag-Stang project but i cant find any information on the compatability with a 24" shortscale neck.

I know on a standard neck the distance from nut to tremolo is 25" so... okay. Am i overlooking a basic principle here?

I presume i'm looking at 24" distance?

Sorry for the n00b question but i kinda want someone with more experience than me to confirm this. :D

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While I have used a Khaler lately, and have always used strat trems in the past...I really don't like the floyd for what I do (all that locking and fiddling around) however, if you use an extreme style it obviously works and will look good on your project.

Regardless of scale length, the bridge needs to be placed so that the saddles are central with the string line and the correct position to allow for intonation adjustment (making the strings slightly longer than 2x the 12th fret length).

I assume that the original guitar you modeled this off is the same scale length so using the bridge placement of this as a guide should help a lot...

hope that helps...


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This is being made way more complicated than it needs to be. Take your nack and place it in the neck pocket or clamp it where it will be placed if the neck pocket is not routed yet. Measure 24" from the body side of the nut and draw a line perpendicular to the center line of the body. This is the position of your scale length. Set the bridge on the body so that the high E is on that line. That is where you place the bridge.

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Thanks for the replies. I fully understand what is going on now, it is simpler than i'd originally thought.

However, the Floyd arrived today and i've spent some time looking at it placed on the body of the project. I think it conflicts with the JS body shape. This is disappointing.

All is not lost though, i think i will go back to my original idea of fitting it on the Jagmaster (in avatar) i built from parts, it looks more in proportion with that shape.

Meanwhile, the JS project will have a Jaguar Synchronised Tremolo.

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