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Building And Fixing Strats Questions

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alright i got a bunch of questions about my current projects, so as may as well just ask them all in the same topic..

jackson charvel rebuild:

1. what are some decent pickups that i could buy for this model? i dont want to spend too much cuz i plan on reselling it and i probably wont get as much as i hope for it, but i hate these jacskson pickups, they sound too twangy and high pitched plus theyre ugly as sin... would it be a bad idea to buy one of those prewired pickguards for $100? i wouldnt buy one for a guitar i wanted to keep but i really dont care about it that much, plus its missing a knob and if i buy one of those ill save money and save the trouble of replacing the knobs...

2. ive sanded the neck down and its ready for refinishing, wuts the best kind of finish to use for the fretboard? the neck?

Stratocaster build:

3. this may sound stupid, but are the controls diferent for HSS strats than SSS strats? ive already bought 2 tones and 1 volume for my HSS but i just want to make sure im not building it wrong.

Thats it for now but i need some feedback before i start ordering parts again, i dont want to have to place more orders than i need to to save on shipping.. thx

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it seems to me you need to do a lot more research. all of these are simple questions asked here thousands of times.

as for pickups,

that is a WAY general question. this all depends on what kind of music you like, and what amp settings you will be using the most.

as for pre wired pickguards,

100 bucks seems a bit expensive,

guitar fetish has much cheaper ones that are just as good or better


finish for a neck,

any finish will do. just depends on what kind of feel you want. why did you strip it in the first place? tung and linseed oil are good finishes for necks if you want a smooth fast feel. if not, then just laquer or poly will do.

pots are the same. the only thing different about hss and sss is that the pots for the singles are usually 250, and the hums pots are 500k, but combining them is ok too.

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the prewired pickups i was looking at before were from stewmac or lmii, and the cheapest they had were 80-100 bucks, but this site looks way better and i wish i had known about it before i bought the stuff i got right now, although i dont see any fretboards for sale here, im gonna need a pre-slotted one and a truss rod as well.

the reason a stripped the neck in the firstplace was cuz the guitar is about 30 years old, if not more and practically had no finish left on it anyways, and im gonna fix this guitar up completely its got quite a few things wrong with it.

and as for the finish i head that linseed and tung oil are good for the fretboard, but should i use a diferent kind of finish for the back of the neck like something thicker that will give it a nice protective coating?

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One of the first things I would do before you go any further is go over to the Jackson/Charvel forum and find out some info about this guitar. Some of the old models can be worth a decent price that you will lose big time by trying to fix it up. You may very well get more money selling it as is then refinishing it. I mean a Japanese Charvel is not going to be near the same price as a San Dimas Charvel but the 750 usually commands a nice price and some of the Model series as well and they are Japanese. If you said it was for yourself, and your favorite playing axe in need of a face lift I would say go for it, but to just resell it, you are going to have a very tough time getting decent money for it. By the way, what model Charvel is it.

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i doubt that its worth that much, i only bought it for $80 from someone who bought it for $120 a few years earlier, i cant find any model number on it anywhere, besides a big 33 in the neck pocket which doesnt mean anything. Ill post pictures of it and close ups of its problems once i get a camera working..

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Looking forward to the pictures. I just wanted to give a heads up before you got too deep into it. Even still deepending on where the first guy picked it up, the seller may not have known what they had. I have seen some guys get a huge steel on some guitars just because a pawn shop or the original owner had no idea what they had.

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