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Saga Kits... Does Non-saga Standard Hardware Fit?

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I'm looking at doing my first build and intend on getting a Saga kit to get a feel for things before I pony up the dough for something like Warmoth or Carvin make. I've been looking at the LC-10 kit, and want to know if the tuners, tailpiece, bridge, pickguard, pots, and jack are standard sizes. I'd like to do my own hardware using Gibson-compatible parts, but I want to know if they'll actually fit the Saga or if it uses some non-standard hole locations or sizes.

Any input here?

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1) I wholeheartedly approve of working through part of the learning curve on a kit. I worked wonders for me. :D

2) The Saga kits are cheap for a reason. I wouldn't bother putting good parts on it. It'd be like putting spinners on a Toyota Yaris. If you already have the parts, save them up for your "real" build.

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I bought a saga kit and found it unsatisfying due to the fact that all you do is really assembling, it's still sitting in the corner unfinished with my fourth scratch-build almost completed. If you want to assemble a guitar I'd go for the warmoth directly...there's really nothing during assembly that could really screw up the instrument. All you really have to learn is setup, wich will be more gratifying if you're working on a quality instrument.

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