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another little inlay :)

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Hey everyone, here's a small inlay I did on a squire stagemaster guitar, I actually replaced the whole fretboard, now I just need to touch up the glitter on the body (due to the added 27 fret board) and it's ready to go B)

The inlay is Black mother of pearl and red abalone. When I initially routed the board, it was tight, nearly perfect, but something looked really funny around the ears, I decided it needed a thin black outline, so I redrew the line slightly larger than the route, and cut it a bit bigger, then glued the inlay, the end result is quite stunning I think. I still can't get over the colors in the black MOP, it's quickly becoming my favorite shell :D




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Now that's what I mean about creative use of materials!!!!

Tha'ts stunning LGM.

The goal here is to break new ground.

Nice work!


If bet if you engrave a small naval and the leg line, it would be a lot more girlish, without removing from the shadow look she keeps up top.. The legs and lower body are "natural" already..

Just my artsy fartsy 2 cents.. :D is really is nice the way it is B)

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I really thought about doing the leg line at least, and a naval, but it kind of takes away from the silohuette image a bit, I tried drawing it with both, mine and the customers thought was, if you engrave those, then should you do the hair line? then a face, where does it end, and being as how it's so small, I didn't want it to start to look to busy, I did draw it on with pen originally, but I wasn't totally sold on the look, but hey, things could still change LOL!!!

I really appreciate the compliments, especially when a big one comes from somebody who does work like Craig!

you are one inlay artist I truly respect, you have the ability that I like to think I have, in creating an inlay that can seemingly tell a story without becoming tacky and overdone like so many others I've seen.

I am completely in love with your falling leaves inlay, I want to put that on an acoustic I am building for my dad, but it's your design, I don't want to rip off a creative design like that, JEM vines and stuff are so typical I don't mind doing them over and over and over, but original designs like that, well, it's like the tattoo's I have, I designed both of them, and I'd be pissed if I saw somebody else with my tattoo. :D

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Thanks Jeremy.

I think you are really up and coming.

That falling leaves design is one of my most popular.

I normally wouldn't care if you used that design, with my permission, and a refernce, however I did that as an expansion of the Logo for luthier John Kinnaird.

It's basically his little abalone tree and moon blown up into what you see that I did.

So it's only available on his guitars. Thanks for respecting that.

Now if you want to collaberate on a guitar, or an inlay, I'm all ears :D

Thanks, Craig

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