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i'm i being too ambitious?

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i wanna build a tele style guitar i don't know which wood for the body i'm gonna paint i probably unless it's a really nice piece of wood for the next i would have a maple next with probably a maple fingerboard but i'm thinking of making my own pick ups it's my first guitar and i'm only learning i've got a squire strat which i'm sharing and i want my own. Am i being too ambitious my dad's a tech teacher so there is no problem with skill. Also what would be an average price for guitar like this sorry if this has been asked before and your getting sick of them. Sorry.

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There's a lot of different entry points, depending on how deep you want to dive in first.

You can buy a kit, which will have most of what you need already made, you put it together and finish it...this will be the quickest and easiest way to produce a guitar of your own.

You can buy a pre-made neck, then make your own body for it and finish it. A good way to go.

You can do the whole enchilada from scratch. This will take much much longer, expect the better part of a year depending...and will be much more expensive due to the tooling you'll need, but you'll learn much more also.

Just depends on where you want to start. :D

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I would suggest either getting a neck and making the body or getting both the neck and the body (I'm sure you can find cheap used ones) and build a mutt.

a tele should be pretty easy to make, compared to what the guys here are making, so I'd say it's a good design to start with.

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My $.02 is start here:


You'll learn a ton from a kit build and before you put it together you can make measurements of everything for your first "scratch" guitar. Once you put it together (a couple hour job) you'll have your own guitar and some experience on how the guitar fits together and works. You'll also gain some experience on finishing techniques. Then you can start on your "new new" guitar from scratch with a lot better idea of what you like and what you want. The bonus is when you're done you'll have 2 guitars :D

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