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Metal Fretless Fingerboard

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I'm not entirely sure, but you could ask all the details of the very many variations here... unfretted.com forum

I became aware of them through the sustainer stuff as a lot of people use sustainers with the fretless board as a part of the whole technique. (say hi to transient for me if you sign up!)

Fretless guitars come in a lit of varieties...wood boards, conversions, various metal and epoxy finishes...glass seems to be the rage...not fiberglass...real glass! Generally, fretless guitars have a different setup to a normal guitar as well...much heavier strings and a high action is typical...since you are not bending strings the higher gauge helps prevent your finger flesh dampening the string as much and the higher action gives a better separation from the board to prevent sitar like buzzing when you "fret" a note.

But it is a wide area, some people believe the buzzing is an important part of the sound...


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