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Fretboard With Crooked Fret Slots , Trash It?

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How crooked are they?

If it's only slight, you might be able to widen the slots and epoxy the frets into place. It's not a compromise either. Using epoxy on wide fret slots is pretty standard. That's only if they're off by a very little bit.

If they're too crooked, it's probably futile to even try saving it. I'd suggest using the wood for inlays on another build.

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I picked up a great ebony gibson sclae with pearl gibson style block inlays on ebay a year back. i stuck in in the for future use bin inmy shop. well i noticed that the fret slots are angled a bit. the frets and inlays are not paralell. what should i do with this? i cant return it.

If its just a couple of frets, I would glue in some veneer in the fret slots and recut. Probably not worth the hassle though, especially if the fretboard is already tapered.

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