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Binding Forearm Contours


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If you have one of these kind of floating binding channel jigs:


I would just drop the bit a little lower and use that; you'll need to do some hand work to make it perfect. Install the binding, then sand the contour down to flush with the top of the binding. Scrape and carry on.

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It's not so much the routing of the channel I'm worried about, it's getting the binding to do those 3D bends required to keep all the joints tight round the contour.

I think if I was using wood bindings I would defiantly have to scarf joint them and the on/off transitions of the contour, but then I'd still have problems round the corner itself.

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If you are using abs binding, the nice thing about it is that heat makes it plyable. When I am doing tight curves with abs, I give it a second or two at a time in front of a heat gun until it starts to soften and then hold it around the curve until it cools and holds the shape. If you are careful with the heat, I have used in on white binding and had no problems with any kind of burn marks. You need it just warm enough to soften a little. For an area that large I would work a small area, tape it down and then proceed. Once it is soft, you can small swizzle sticks with it, so a arm contour is no problem.

I am still just trying to figure out how to get the channel routed evenly.

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