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On my current build I've sprayed the body and headstock with black nitro. Yesterday I put stripes on the front of the body using adhesive yellow vinyl and I'm pleased with the way that worked. But I also had some yellow on clear water slide decals for the headstock and rear of the body that simply disappeared into the black. :D

I printed the decals on a colour laser printer and they looked strong and opaque on the decal paper, but they obviously have some degree of transparency (translucency).

So I'm thinking I have two options:

Get white decal paper (instead of clear) which the yellow should sit on top of and block out the black underneath. But that creates some issues around cutting out the logo and having a white edge, etc.

Or, get the logos cut out of the same vinyl I used for the stripes, which will require more build up when I get to the clear coat.

Out of interest ... both logos are just words ... a Children of Bodom Hate Crew logo on the rear of the body and my son's name in the COBHC font for the headstock. If I go the vinyl route I'll need to get them professionally cut ... there's a bit of detail and I know my son won't accept my shaky, old-man attempts. :D

So I'm interested in your thoughts on the above ... or other alternatives. What have you done?


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I've used these guys for restorations and some custom stuff.

Quality vinyl and reasonable prices.


Here's a sample of one of thier restoration decals that I used on one of my guitars.

The vinyl is thin enough that it can be cleared over quite nicely.

(btw ... they no longer offer the PRS signature logo)


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