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yaa... umm no that doesnt work

i dont need no american government bullshit anyways i just wanna find out where and when this guitar was built, ive done 2 hours of surfin the web and i havnt even found a guitar that looks this one or any other similar serial numbers of other jackson/charvels.

im begining to think either this is a rare/custom guitar or some home made knock-off

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I don't know why you felt the need to swear in response to someone and it took me all of five minute or so to find this, but this should help ya....... http://www.rickresource.com/forum/viewtopi...44&t=380078 look at the first pick, that looks like what you showed us...

sry i wasnt swearing at the person, i was swearing at the american government, i live in canada but if i lived in the states i would probably move away...

theyre watching me right now arent they :D

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Check out the Jackson/Charvel forum, they will be a lot more knowledgable than most of the crowd here. They are several guys here that a J/C fans, but over there are guys who live and die by J/C's only. I do have to say though, that is more than I would have thought those would have sold for originally and the craigslist price is definitely higher than I would have expected. I don;t know if that is a good price for today or not, but the majority of the toothpaste logo's don't get a high dollar on resale.

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Well that hideous headstock is what reminded me that I had seen that in some catalog. Probably rare because of that. You'd think they would have had a clue that the Fender Performer guitars tanked partly due to a similar looking headstock.

Oh, I don't want to come across like I'm running it down. Just saying why it didn't go over so well.

Can't rely on craigslist to give an accurate idea of what something is really worth.

last time I put an ad on there, the item sold within 3 days and then I'm pretty sure I killed the ad. So I figure if you keep seeing an ad, nobody is biting.

Try looking it up on finished ebay auctions. Better for real world, 'what's it worth' info. And of course the Charvel forums, although you have to be careful on some forums how you word stuff, 'cause some places don't like even a hint that you're trying to sell something.

Oh yeah, another thing, it's got a weird part ; the "roller nut", stuff like that doesn't help.

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