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Need help choosing clear/sealer/etc


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I've ordered a Saga strat kit, and although I'm a long way from thinking about finishes, I'm still going to ask.

My lack of wood finishing knowlege should be apparent :D

I'll be using Duplicolor enamels, since they seem to be available and I found a color I like. Now for the questions: what sort of sealer and/or primer should I use? What sort of clear? How many coats of everything? How much should I sand between coats?

Now on to the neck: I don't like gloss neck finishes, so what is on the necks that feel like bare wood? Obviously they aren't left bare - tung oil maybe?

What about the fingerboard? I'll be stripping the neck (they come with a gloss finish from Saga) and I figure I might as well strip the fingerboard while I'm at it. What are fingerboards usually finished with? Mine feel like some sort of satin polyurethane.


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