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Resonator Convertion

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I've been given a old plywood guitar which seems ideal to convert into a resonator/dobro. However it's probably only worth about $10 and I don't want to spend around $100 on a resonator just to experiment.

Has anybody got any suggestions on what I could use/modify/make for a resonator cone?


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I presume that you can't get cones over in SA, but they're not very expensive at all over here.

Have you got access to a lathe or anything because I have heard about people spinning their own? I once wondered if it was possible to make one from a speaker cone by a bit of bracing and a new (stronger) ring, but didn't do anything about it.

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What is "not very expensive" in UK Pounds? A google search gave me prices of around $100 (US) with postage.

Looks like the best is to try spin one myself. Aluminium is cheap and plentiful around here. Does anybody have any specs on a cone, Aluminium gauge, quality etc as well as dimensions and profile?

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Ok. SO no takers, eh? I went out an bought some pans and lids to use as a resonator and covaer. Now I see on ebay that you can get a 10.5" cone for under $20 shipped. Sigh.

Alright so I want to remove the top on this thing, now mind you, it does have binding. Any suggestions?

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