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Prs Or Schecter Headstock Template

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Hello all,

I am wondering if I can get a PRS mccarty or Schecter C1 3x3 headstock template or picture (with tuners off)? I am not going to use the shape, I just want the hole spacing. I like the way it is almost straight from nut to tuner.


In general when I start a design the first hole is 2" up from the fingerboard. Each hole center is .5" from the edge and 1.5 " from the center of the hole above or below. Depending on your design and tuners these may need to be adjusted. If course this is for a 3x3 layout.

Hopefully this is helpful.

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Here's the way I figured out the dimensions for my current project.

1. Find a picture of the whole guitar taken directly from the front. If the picture is taken at an angle, this won't work.

2. Use the most accurate measuring tool you have and measure something a dimension you know. I measured the width of the pickups since humbuckers are pretty standardized.

3. Use a calculator to find the ratio of length on the picture to length in real life. I would recommend using mm on the picture measurements. They are more accurate

4. Measure what you need to measure in mm then multiply it by the inches/mm ratio.

This worked very well for me. To check I measured the distance between the bridge and nut and got 24.75 inches without rounding the number.

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