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Schaller Stm Replacement

C King

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Hey sorry to bother you guys but I heard you lot know your stuff.

I recently bought a Schaller STM bridge hoping to replace my Tonepros TOM with it (I heard good things about the bridge from a friend).

When I got it, it soon became clear the threaded bolts were the wrong size to fit in my original drive-in sleeves.

(The new ones are the much smaller, golden ones)


From searching I think its safe to say there are no double-sided threaded collars that I could use to bridge the gap.

My guess is I'd have to reverse the original sleeves out, plug the holes with wood and then re-drill them the right size.

I don't have much experience with guitar building, so I'd probably have to pay to get it done or ask friends.

Please if you can think of anything it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys :D

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