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Edge Sander Belt?


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I just picked up a old Linmac edge sander, I got it off craigslist pretty cheap. Kinda beat up looking but the motor sounds great and everything squares up nicely.

Came without a belt though and I have not been able to find any info about the size of belt with the make and model online. I am pretty confident it is 6" x ???

I measured from outside of the drum to the outside of the other drum and it is 42 1/2", I don't really see any belts online that fit that description but the most common is 6 x 89. I am assuming that means you double the measurement I got but that would mean mine would be a 85, but I can't find any that length.

Have I taken a wrong turn somewhere or do I have a weird sized edge sander?

I emailed the guy I bought it from and no response yet.

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I got it worked out, it ended up being 89". Pretty happy with it, craigslist for $150. The other day I picked up a homemade drum/thickness sander from a guy who used to build dulcimers for $100. I looked into building one myself but it would have cost me more money and not too mention time. I love craigslist!

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