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Hcz Active Pickups


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Does anyone have any experience with the HCZ/Dragonfire active pickups being sold on guitarpartsonline.com? They say they are a generic version of the EMG 81/85 at lower cost. I always stay away from EMGs because of cost, even though I like the tone (especially for hard rock and metal), they're just too expensive. I'm curious as to if these are worthwhile considering they're half the cost. If they're 80-90% the pickup and generally in the same ballpark soundwise, I'd be satisfied. I'm looking for anyone that can offer any experiences or opinions on them.

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Some like them, some not. It doesn't seem to be the same pickup as EMGs according to people the have A/B listened to them. The Dragonfire have higher output, some claim they hear distortion from the pickup circuit itself and the treble isn't as pronounced as in EMGs. I got all of this from some on-line reviews. I haven't tried them myself...

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have you done a search to see if you can find some sound clips.

i did a quick search on youtube

and if you want my opinion if it gives you the sound you want who cares what brand or how much if you play a 100 dollar guitar though a 50 dollar pawn shop amp and it sounds like you want thats all that matters.

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