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Tuner Question


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I want to make a travel size guitar. I'm using the neck of a squier mini. I want to make the headstock smaller so I was wondering if I can change the tuners of the top 3 strings from top to bottom. Is that "legal"? Will it work?

One more question. Are the tuners on a squier mini smaller than average? If they're not, I might want to buy some nicer tuners.

Thanks for your time.

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Well, you certainly can change it to 3x3, just make sure you lay everything out to make sure there are no string clearance issues. However, you will have to buy at least 3 new tuners. Tuners are made right or left hand and are not to be interchanged. Having them in wrong can cause problems in tuning stability, binding of the gears when tuning, or stripping of the gears.

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Well, some tuners are reversible, like the thumb lock sperzels where you can take them apart and flip them. The ones on the squier mini strat aren't, but they're really poor quality anyway. My 8 y/o daughter isn't bending notes or I'd have already replaced them. I'd order a new set. The tuners are really the only item on that $99 guitar that is garbage, which to me is pretty impressive.



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