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Binding Trimming

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I always use binding that has been pre-sized. Saves a load of time scraping it down to size.

But honestly I wouldn't have any problem taking a router with a flush trim bit to it. There is far less chance of tearout since the grain is always running in the correct direction to avoid tearout (since the binding is bent) as opposed to the back and sides which have grain to deal with.

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i may be a little too cautious but i try to avoid taking a router to a guitar if i dont have to. When i do my binding, i cut it back with a newly sharpened scraper and it doesnt take too long and is by far safer than a router with a trimming bit. Is the binding plastic or wood?

It is wood, Walnut. I am thinking the bit will do the job allright but would like someone to chip in that has used a router to do this. I was thinking the same Dan regarding the grain, but you know what its like, the closer you get to a finshed product the more cautious you become especially when it's new to you.

The binding was supposed to be 2mm but it turned out to be more like 3-4mm.

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I know you are already done with this but I use a flush trim router to cut back bindings to the body. I usually work the bindings oversized just a touch so I can either route or scrape them to fit. It solves a few problems to do it this way for me. I have not had any chip out so far.

Oh, and I use a router table to do this so there is no chance of tilting the bit. For acoustics and other non-flat surfaces I rasp (very fine cut) and scrape to fit.


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I opted for the scraper in the end and the result was very pleasing. It took about an hour but was worth the effort

Scrapers have to be the most underrated tools ever. Even though they've cut my palms open countless times ( :D wear gloves) I use them all the time.

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