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Stain On Fretboard For Inlay

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I inlaid my rosewood fingerboard with some hard maple, some little triangles on the base side of the neck. The look pretty nice. The guitar is all maple (335 type) and will be dyed yellow burst to dark red, or maybe just dark red. In any case, I was thinking I would dye the maple inlay to match the color of the body/neck/headstock face. I currently do most of my bending on the treble strings, so bending won't happen much on top of the maple. The frets are fairly large, I won't be pushing them down to the fretboard that much, do you thing I will have trouble with the dye scratching off? The transtint powder dye that I've been using goes pretty deep.

Anyone ever done this? I can always touch it up. I'm not planning on putting a finish over the top. I don't want flaking problems in the future.


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I plan on staining them deep red. So, if they get grungy, they will be grungy deep red. Not that big of a deal. I agree maple gets nasty.

I have a ebony board that I put the Stu-Mac black dye on it, it doesn't come off on my fingers at all.

Do any of you put finish on the fingerboard? I usually just oil and buff.


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