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What kind of tuners are these????

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They're LSR's.

Thank you! I had never spotted those before. Anybody here use them? I was just wondering if they held any advantages over standard tuners? I think they look great, but I wouldn't want them on a vintage style guitar. :D bOb

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Tuning Ratio 40:1 -- versus other tuners (at least MOST other) that have a 12 to 16:1 ratio. You know how on a typical tuner, it's real easy to turn the knob just a little, but you suddenly are way too sharp or flat ? Well, with something like 40:1, you would make the same amount of turn, but the pitch would change much less, so it's easier to fine-tune the note right where you want it. But 40:1 seems like it might be too fine, but I haven't used them, so can't really say.

They are gearless, which means there's no gear to wear out, but there must be some kind of threads, and those could also wear, but it depends how strong the metal is. But the thread also has string tension on it, which of course is pretty hard on a thread, being turned while being pulled on, at the same time. grease on the threads would certainly keep the wear down, and I guess they are sealed with grease in them.


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But 40:1 seems like it might be too fine, but I haven't used them, so can't really say.

I haven't used them but I have a steinberger which also has 40:1 tuners. It's not that bad to turn them to tune. Like the Sperzels, you need to have no slack (extra turns) when putting on the strings. And, yes, they do look pretty darn cool :D.

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Is it a headless steinberger, or one of those that has a headstock with those cool tuners that are straight, like a super high-tech banjo tuner ?

Stew mac sold those darn things for a while and had a photo of them on a strat neck. I wanted to buy some, but didn't get around to it. Not sure if I still want them, but I really do need to buy some tuners.

So, now that you say the bergers have the same ratio, we can assume that both are using the same fine-thread, which results in a 40:1 ratio.

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