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Max. Scale Length

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Depends on how much extra length you have after the break points, I suppose. (I.e., if your last tuner is very far from the nut, you can't get away with as much. Same thing could apply at the bridge, I suppose.)

I find that it also depends on the brand of strings - GHS strings don't seem to be able to go quite as far as other brands; I could barely make them fit my 35" scale 5 string, while regular D'addario's had no problem. Some string makers are offering strings for longer scales now - I know d'addario's site says they sell a "Super long" string they say is appropriate for 36-38 inch scale lengths, although I've never seen them. (But I haven't had a reason to look, either.)

I'm sure others with more experience with ERBs and such will chime in. Keep in mind that it can be a pain if you have to special-order strings.

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