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  1. The low E and the high E are supposed to be about 1/8 from the edge of the fretboard to keep them from falling off.
  2. I have guitar building books for sale cheap I need to raise money for a course. Not including S/H I am open to offers Make Your Own Electric Guitar Melvyn Hiscock 1st printing $5.00 Make Your Own Electric Guitar Melvyn Hiscock newer printing $8.00 was $32.50 Build Your Own Electric Guitar Martin Oakham includes plans unopened $8.00 was $30.00 Electric Guitar Construction Tom Hirst $8.00 was $42.00 Make Your Own Electric Guitar & Bass Waring & Raymond $8.00was $30.00 Building Electric Guitars Martin Koch $8.00 was $34.00 songbooks Pantera,Judas Priest Black Sabbath 3.00 each I have lots of cds (mostly metal) which I am not sure of selling yet, and I have a plastic container of tools drill, plane clamps etc. 50.00 3 24'' clamps useful for body blanks 3.00 each Any questions just ask
  3. Welcome Jeff I am glad you decided to sign up. There is a lot of giving and taking of info on here. There is nothing that I know that these guys on here don't know so I gave back by donating.
  4. Electronics mostly I don't have the books in front of me right now. Stuff that changed since 86 or whenever the original was dated.
  5. how much? Make an offer I hate to see a great book go to waste. I have the updated version so I don't need two.
  6. Ha I just got through pm'ing him I would sell him my first edition of Hiscock's book. I knew that book would be the first mentioned.
  7. Hey Matt your guitars are the shiznit for shure. Where can I browse your whole arsenal of guitars.
  8. That is one awesome guitar metz. Can you say guitar of the month? Are you going to get some skull knobs?
  9. Thanks guys because I was considering building electric upright bass as close to 40'' scale length without having to buy upright strings. I just wanted to experiment with that.
  10. Hey now your saying that like it's a bad thing lol. I am a heathen. Anyways leave the guitar alone the value will only go up.
  11. What is the max scale length I can use for electric bass strings?
  12. Simo all the way! All are nice but Simo's is what I like the best.
  13. Sorry to hear that man I hate thieves. I hope you had them insured. You can't trust nobody today nobody not even family some of the time. I really hope you get them back.
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