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please confirm dimensions


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im building an explorer. i have downloaded the 'explorer13_pub.dwg' CAD file from www.guitarbuild.com

i had someone dimension it for me, and i have printed it to real size. now i just need to know if my dimensions are correct.

ok bassicly: The length from point to point= 613.808mm

The height= 450.9012mm

if these are correct i can assume the others are correct.

Thanks in advance

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not to be a pain or anything and I dunno where your located but when I started my Mcarty rip off I just wandered down to guitar center and carefully measured one guy was totally cool about it wanted to know what I was usin for materials and all that so maybe if theres a store nearby you can confirm them that way.

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Downloaded the file and measured the scale length from nut to saddle, which comes to 647.7 mm (25 1/2 inch scale length). I was unsure what you meant about point to point...measure from nut to saddle and see if it comes up to the 647.7 mm (or 25 1/2 inches, whichever you prefer). Everything within the drawing appears to be in proportion to each other, at least to my eye.

Hope this helps......good luck.

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Guest AlexVDL

I don't know about the scale, but I know the body shape is wrong at one point (see pic). The lower horn has a too small radius point. If you use autcad, just use the fillet option to fillet the two lines into a 18mm radius point.

The neck attachment looks a bit narrow, but you could measure it yourself by calculating with the fretscale, bridge width and nut width. But as for the body, the lower horn should be less pointy and then it will look ok (gibson style).



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keep us updated with your guitar, i wanna see how it goes! im makin one atm, a super - superstrat, lmao! its a take on the rg320, but carved top, comfier! its a comfy guitar body atm... reminds me, must pester dad to saw me up some of the walnut for the neck :D


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