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Tremolo Bar.


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No matter what you use it's probably not gonna hold up great. Like other hardware, those arms are usually either plated, anodized, or powder coated. I guess if you really wanna do it you have a couple choices. Take it to someone who can powder coat it, might be hard to find someone who will do such a small single piece though. The other idea, probably what I would do if I wanted to try it, is just to make sure you sand it down really well, don't break the paint that's on it though, go with 6 or 800 grit, get rid of all shine, and just go with enamel spray paint. Others may have other suggestions, but nothin's gonna be great unless you get it powder coated.

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It's worth calling a few places that do powder coating - it's not like white is a really out there color - I've gotten a few small things powder coated for cheap by letting the guy toss it in with a paying customers batch. Meant my turnaround time sucked, but I didn't have to pay much either. I imagine a smaller shop will be more amenable to this.

Another option that may or may not work or look good but is reasonably reversable is that dip rubber for tool handles. I believe you can get it in white. Keep the end that goes into the body clear, of course. Plus you get a no-slip grip!

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