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Neck Pocket To Neck Pup 'wall'

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Hey on some guitars there is a wall between the neck pocket and the neck pickup pocket, on others they just join into each other...

Here is a wall pocket


Here is a no wall pocket


What is your preference?

I'm guessing there is no significant structural or tonal difference in either?

I used a wall on my first build but it was kinda anoyin, I was worried I was going to break it, so I'de rather just not use one.



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I prefer no wall.

When you're building handmade guitars, it really makes things a lot easier. Also, I like to have as much of the neck into the body as possible.

Personally, I really don't see a reason to make a wall if you're doing a set neck. It all depends on what exactly you're building, though. The glue is plenty strong to hold it in place by three sides. Tonally, I don't see a difference. If anything, you might get just a hair more tone from having no wall and sending the neck through to the pup, but nothing noticeable.

But, like I said before, if you're building by hand, it really is easier to have no wall.

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