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Floyd Rose Question On Parts

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Hello all,

I was looking at the floyd rose copy that stewmac sells. Looking at the nut hardware it looks like you have to drill two holes from the back side of the neck for attaching the nut. Do you know if this is the only option? I have seen floyds on guitars that do not have these holes from the back side rather they attache from the top with small wood screws. Do the schaller (sp) floyds that stewmac sells have other holes and extra screws so you can attach the nut from the top or do I have do buy a different nut?

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I've seen some with the holes threaded for the backside bolts AND chamfered on the top for wood screws. People send them to me now and then for reference when I make a neck for them, so I can't say what brand they might have been. Sorry. At least we know they are out there.


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