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You can use india ink to die rosewood black.

As far as using it to burst with an airbrush or spray gun.

The answer is if you can get it to spray well, Yes.

The question is should you? Will it be UV proof, will it take a clear coat well and not react with the finish.

You can spray a test panel and know if it won't blow up right away, you wont know what will happen a year or 5 years or a month later. Or be able to UV bath it to know how the combo will fade.

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India ink is no problem to use under 2k clearcoat and works fine through an airbrush. I've used it a few times for small detail applications, although I've never used it for sunbursting. One of the guitars I did use it on was painted back in around 2004 and there's no sign of the ink fading (certainly the last time I saw it), though much I suspect could depend on the brand of ink and of course how much sunlight it's subjected to.

A test piece would be a good idea, but if you're in any doubt I'd be tempted just to go with a tried and tested dye.

Jim :D

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