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Inlay For Grateful Dead Fans

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Brilliant work :D ...................how the hell do you do that?????

This is to answer Foggy's, Mitch's, and Corsa's question - how do you do that.

If you go to my web-site, I have progress pictures as the piece was being made in the Special Projects section.

Shark Inlay

However, the quick answer is the frame and the rob are recon stone. The violinist is MOP, Sparkle MOP, Sparkle Red Ab., and Gold MOP. The violin is Walnut and Palo Escrito. There are actually two wood bases being used, an ebony one to hold the violinist and a rosewood one to join the stone frame to the main design. I used rosewood just because it was handy and cheaper than another piece of ebony.

After everything was glue up, I etched the details in the hands, face, and rob. Lastly, for the hair effect, I dry brush painted over the top of the Sparkle MOP in order to give the hair definition. You can see it in the picture, but the MOP still shimmers though the paint lines. Very cool effect that I just got seem to capture in a photo.

The piece is going under the bridge of a Garcia Tribute guitar. Sort of like the tiger that Garcia had on one of his guitars. The guitar builder is just going it inset the oval. Pretty simple job for him, but not for me. :D

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oh man that is nasty! i saw the dancing bear and the lightning bolts too. I already want this guitar, bad

Well, I don't think Alan would be very happy about that. :-)

I've seen pictures of the guitar's design and the body woods and stuff. It's going to be a great looking guitar for sure. Neck through, multi-piece neck. Quilt maple top. Yowza!!! Plus, it's being built by a pretty talented guy. I'm looking forward to seeing this guitar myself. Too bad I'll only be seeing pictures and not the guitar live. Oh well, such is the world of the internet.

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