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Latest Project - Swirl

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Here is an old RG550 I was going to make into a LNG777 replica...then had the availability to get a swirl done - so I did. Thanks to Perle Guitars! So all I have really done with this project is rounded up a bunch of different parts off of ebay, and doing the clear...

It all started 7 years ago actually. It was a nasty metallic green RG550. I stripped the paint off to bare wood, and put a basic clear on for the natural look.

Found a 550 neck - put that on...

Got some hardware, and EMG's...routed a hole in back for a 9v to power them...

And played it natural looking until about 2 weeks ago.

Now this is what it looks like with it's first round of clear. The body had some imperfections prior to the swirl, so I am going to keep clearing/sanding until its all nice and smooth...

I will post some pictures once it's all put back together - hopefully by the end of this week.

I am not trying to make this a JEM by any means - it's my own creation - I already have a FP Jem. I just love the look of the grip and claw - so why not! Too bad it's a front route and the pickguard is going to cover up some of the cool swirl!



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I've thought about it. I'll have to take the one off my JEM and trial fit it to see what it looks like. The pickup area wouldn't look bad, I am more soncerned about the area with the switch and knobs...I'll have to see.

I am sure this is not the last thing I will swirl - It does look pretty cool with the black guard on there, and since the EMG's are all black too - it's not bad.

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Nice colours! Very warm.

I think a clear pickgaurd would look great, I know you'd see the knobs and what not but it's not like you're going for the clean and simple look with a swirl :D

Apart from clear, I think pearloid guard would also look nice, but I think pearloid looks nice on everything :D

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yes - or even rather than clear why not see about getting an obscure/smoky/translucent piece of plastic to make it from

or how about getting a clear guard engraved with swirl patterns.... both of those could work well with the LED idea

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Here it is - all cut & buffed. Already re-assembled, but my iPhone camera sucks - so no finished pictures until I get home. Stuck with the black guard for now.


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Oooh yes!!

Someone mention LEDs??

I have found that there is a universal constant regarding LEDs - if there is ever any uncertainty regarding whether LEDs would constitute an improvement, then the answer is invariably "yes". And rightly so!! Do it! Do it now!

I'm surprised that I've got a post in on this topic before andyt or prostheta......... :D


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