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First logo on Maple Pic.


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Like I said before, you could use the same technique to spell anything. I couldn't resist this one. Just need the transparency film (5-finger dicount from work) and the silver pen.


I drew a set of Bezier curves over the Fender logo, and then mutated them to spell my name. I used an old version of Corel Draw for this.

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Bear, did you use a laser printer or something else to print yours? I only have an ink jet at home. While that's fine on paper, I'm not sure it would stick to the transparent film (let alone stand up to the torture of laquer). I'm curious to see how your logo stands up to finishing.

Brian, this would be a great tutorial once this method is perfected. Anyone with a computer and a printer should be able to do this.

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Ive done this 2 ways.

Fist way was at home with my bubblejet. You can actually buy Transparencys for bubblejet printers. The logo above was done with one.

Just reverse the image so that when its prinded out, its on the underside of the plastic................this protects it from the laquer youll be spraying over the top. let it dry thaen draw in the silver on the underside with a silver paint pen.

The second way involved taking the image to a local print shop with a hi res laser printer. Costs about the same as they supply the materials.

I got 12 logos to a sheet and 5 sheets from the printers for the sum of $10 AU. The laser printed ones are totally waterproof too.

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That's pretty cheap. I have access to both a laser printer and supplies here at work. :D

I'm going to try both techniques though, just for the learning experience. If one works better than the other (I suspect Laser will be the way to go), I'll know for the future.

I guess I should call mine the JELLYCASTER. B)

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As long as this does not break any of the FORUM rules....

I have access to a Lexmark Optra T616 Monochrome Lazer Printer & a Xerox Docucolor 5750 color Lazer printer

I also have access to a TON of transparencies

I have never tried doing this , but if anyone needs me to print a couple of logo's for them I can give it a shot

I wil not charge...as long as I don't get bombarded with requests

Let me know

Dave K

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