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Problems With Latest Build


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Hello everybody, i did not want to start a new topic when there are so many good ones arround, but the problem is kind of strange.

1)About a week or two ago i completed my guitar and it sounded well, no unnecessary noise, everything very tight and well. However a wire broke loose because it was too tight in the cavity. I drilled the cavity a bit deeper and a friend of mine remade the electronics.

2) The electronics now sound just awfull, i have a lot of noise that is killing everything, i can barely hear the notes. The hot & ground wire on the output jack are not inversed (we tried that already). The circuit now is identical to the old one, why has it gone so wrong?


2 humbuckers - Gibson Dirty Fingers + Seymour Duncan hotrails for strat

1 3 way switch

1 output jack.

It's that simple and initially it gave me a close to noiseless sound, not it's killing my ears!

Please help. I guess it's a problem with the ground, but i don't see why.

later edit: the bridge is grounded, there is a wire from one of it's posts that leads to the back of the bridge pick-up (welded there on the ground placemarker). Then both pups ground wires are welded together and then to the selector switch, from there the wires go to the jack out. Is this correct? I don't understant why there's such a huge difference in sound.

Will try it now with my computer closed down :D and let you guys know if anything happened.


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Does the pickups hae two or four wires? If they are four wire cables, is there any chanse that you have accidentially messed them up? That way you can kill the humbucking effect.

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Gibsons have a different color code than seymour duncans, but I don't think not having it in humbucking would make so much noise.

Have you checked your ground connections with a multimeter? Perhaps you don't have all of them soldered correctly this time.

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