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Project is finished

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Check http://www.rotos.si/custom party .....i like it .....Brian, without this site that guitar probably would never exist :D

That's an odd animal for sure. Reminds me of Adrian Legg with that combination of acoustic / electric works.

I'm also trying to figure out what the top is. It's flamed, but it also looks like its multiple planks. Good looking guitar. Nice job, eh!

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There was two reasons why i decided to go with acoustic bridge. I had bunch of spare parts at home. All were used for that guitar B) I also tried Carvin AE185 and i felt in love. String mounting ferrules are also hand made by my co-worker (thanks Tomaz blush ). I would go with different structure of wood, but it is hard to get good pieces of wood here in Slovenia. Luckily i have piece of Paduak for my next project. :D I must say a big thanks to my friend Robert for helping with neck. It would be pain in the ... for me to do neck for the first time without any help. I also expected totaly different sound. I thought that guitar will be very bright sounding, but suprisingly it's not. It reminds me on my ex guitar Godin TC Artisan signature. Hard rockin' bitch :D . When it is unpluged it is very loud (probably because of bridge). I am quite satisfied with my first take, but second will be probably better. :D Also big thank to this fantastic site rock . If you wanna know any detail just ask....my next project in near future will probably be:

padauk body (brian moore mc/1 style) with curly maple top ( if i'll have luck to get it somewhere)

birdseye maple neck with brazilian rosewood fingerboard, LGM inlay's (probably some expensive, funky,unusual inlays....i have plenty time to think about them:rolleyes:

wilkinson tremolo, gold hardware,sperzels....

probably will be next week another scenario. Im like April weather when it comes to building guitars. Just look at the headstock of my first guitar. Mix between reversed 6in line Brian Moore and Parker :D

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No, I don't have pics of process, because I dont have my own camera. We have one in our company but it's hard to get it avaiable. I will probably buy one soon (if i'll not spend all $$ in guitars :D ) That binding is natural maple wood. Top is painted with black water soluble color and i left edge in natural wood color to get kinda PRS binding B)

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