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I Can't Hear Anything!


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I got this pickups that are all wired, but they don't work. It a single and either two more singles, or two singles acting like a humbucker. There is three pots, volume, tone, and whatever Mic1 and Mic2 is (What is this supposed to do?). There is no switch. I am thinking I need one, but I don't know how to wire it. This looks nasty. A big glob of wires are taped and tied together at the end. Think I would be better off taking this whole thing apart and redoing it?

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Yeah, grab a soldering iron and pull it all apart piece by piece. Find out what you have to work with and what else you need to make what you want. There are a zillion wiring schematics out there to choose from for all kinds of pickup and switching combinations. Here are a couple good sites.



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There is also a 3 way switch with 3 pins and 6 wires hanging off it, but none of them go to anything. It's completely seperate from the other things.

A lot of wires go no where, and the soldering is really bad. I'm thinking it would be better to just redo it, but I don't know how, and I don't know what the Mic 1/Mic 2 thing does.

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Try this link


See if you find something similar. I think the two wires that are taped together but not connected need to be connected. I'm kind of confused on your colors in those two wires but it looks like in one position the cap is not getting a ground through those wires if they're open. :D

IMO the best thing to do is find a schematic you like using the pickups you have and pull it apart and start over. It's not a big job and it seems from your description the wiring is a mess and needs redoing anyway.

As far as mic1 and mic2 I think it may just be marked like that for switch position. Looking at the colors (and trying to figure this out after 8 or 9 drinks!) it seems like some of your wiring is dead ended. You've got a blue coming off of your mic1/mic2 center position and going nowhere? The blue from your ring on the output jack goes nowhere? If you've got no ground on your output jack you will have no sound. Maybe it's just the pic but you may want to check that out.

Like I said before it will probably be easier to pull it apart and start over.

Good Luck!

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The blue wire that goes nowhere looks like a speaker wire (clear with a copper wire inside), don't know if that means anything.

I'm looking through schematics, but should be looking for 2 or 3 pickup schematics? There's really 3, 2 EMGs and a P90, but I think the EMGs are supposed to act like a humbucker. There is a 3 way switch, 2 knobs and a Mic1/Mic2 knob, so 3 knobs total. Would that just be like a 1 volume, 2 tones?

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