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Thanks guys. As I said, it was the first time I tried any of the "real" work. Mostly just pickup and other type upgrades (fender style to floyd-non-routed types).

The guitar sounds pretty chunky. I have a 95 Gibson Explorer with the 496 and the 500 pickups in it, and it is a bit fuller in the mid ranges. I'm not positive if it's the EMG pickups, or the difference between Mohogany and Korina.

I had the guitar unfinished for almost a year. The biggest problem with this guitar was working up the guts to try fretting for the first time! Once I got that going, I got more motivated, and finished in a couple weeks.

I just bought the next project, a flying V body (I like set-necks). Again, painted by a roller! Not exactally sure what I'm going to do with it just yet, but I'm guessing to make a brother to the explorer. I want to replace the fretboard (it's too flat and chipped) and do a cool inlay.


Any suggestions?

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Great job on the explorer. The natural wood finish is great. I really like the grain.

As for the Vee, im not too keen on the paint job, but it could make a really cracking looking axe. How about a vine of life inlay? Or just do a fretless with the dot inlays to keep you right?

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