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Neck Height / Truss bar??


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Hi All

Bear with me... I've been playing for a few years, but I've never even considered building my own 'til now.

Don't have a guitar at the moment (coming off a fairly long hiatus); I need to know just how much higher is the fingerboard above the body deck on a solid-body electric (pre-fret)? I'm planning on using an Ibanez-style locking trem (an Edge Pro or something close.)

Also, does a neck-through guitar still need a truss rod? I've never owned one, and I just plain don't know.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Karl and welcome to the forum :D

The fret board can be raised or lowered onto the body depending on how the tremolo is mounted but what krazyderek said is a very good average.

You can also get away with building a neck through without a truss rod but it is not recomended by anyone around here.

The least you would want to do is use reinforcement rod(s), but seriously if your going to route for those you might as well install a standard or double action truss rod so you can fine tune the neck.

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Hey, Derek

No harm no foul. Not rude, just succinct and to the point.

Like your website. I've been sketching an original design since high school (that's 1970... sheesh!), and I'd like it to be my first build. Funny to see your original sketch, reminded me so much of mine (not so much the actual design as the execution of the drawing!)

Thanks all for the replies. I'm still in the exploratory phase of just what's involved in this; actual build probably won't start 'til spring. Still feeling out what woods are best for good sustain, whether wood resonance actually makes any difference (pickups being magnetic, how does wood fit in??), neck thru -vs- bolt-on, ... the usual list of unknowns. Also trying to track down some scaled Strat plans I can use as guidelines to size mine.

Anyway, thanks again; I'll be a frequent visitor!


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