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Pre-made Ibanez Neck

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They are not. Ibanez have square heels, warmoth uses round...

You are not going to find a new Ibanez neck... Maybe off a new guitar... but not a new neck alone thats never been installed, Ibanez, or any company wont let them leave like that.

I know this is a few months old but ..........

I bought a new - unused Ibanez neck.

I don't know who let it out of the factory , but here it is just off the UPS truck ............

Now I need a project to use it on. :D





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If you look around you can find them. Iv seen a few new - unused necks from Ibanez on evilbay. But these are always blems, not good enough to go on a guitar issued from the factory. sometimes its a nick or a dent, other times its the wrong decal went on. Costs too much to put it back into the system to fix it so it gets scraped. most of them are well worth a look.

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