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i have an idea for a nice vine inlay, but i dont feel like making a whole new neck for it or taking off frets of another one, so the only thing i can think of is buying a neck that is all set to go but just doesnt have frets so i can do the inlay and then put the frets on because im just that lazy :D

if ne one could give me a hint to how i could go about doing this, i would greatly apreaciate it, if not just laugh at my laziness, either way will be fine B)


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Guest AlexVDL

I guess you should buy a new neck with frets, because non fretted necks usually are more expensive (don't ask me why, maybe because it is not standard). Then pull out the frets... cut your inlays, route the pattern on the board and glue it in. Fill any gaps with epoxy or some wood dust (in the same color) and a drop of superglue. Then sand smooth and do a new refret B)

Simple enough?

I'm too lazy to go further into details :D

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