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Using Laser Cuter To Make Detailed Patterns On Guitar Bodys

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idk if a laser cutter will do that honestly i have never delt with one but form looking at a few ibanez pics i think you need to think simpler. i see three simple ways of doing this

1. the hardest/most expensive way would be a airbrush

2. have a piece of vinyl printed up with the graphics on it and stick it on the guitar (probably what ibanez did) then do your clear over that.

4 http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...2&hl=poster our souls has been doing something similar to the vinyl exept he is using paper.

all three will get the job done and the second two could be done by the average person.

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The simple answer is no. a laser cuts and as suggested will darken the wood. All you will have afterward is a dark etched surface with no details. I have never seen a Giger up close so I suggest you look for one and see how they did it. Looks to me like a print.

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The way the Giger graphics are applied varies:

Both the RGTHRG2 and the SRXHG1 are descibed as Giger 'graphics' which could imply that they are printed on ( most likely ) as Woodenspoke said.

The SHRG1Z S model features a metal-coated Ibanez S body engraved with Giger's Biomechanical Matrix.

I seriously doubt whether a laser cutter could be used on wood. However, a metal fronted guitar may be a different matter. I don't know enough about laser cutters really.


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