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Fretless Bass Bridge Materials

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Well hello! As you may know I'm currently (depending on when you read this) building two basses; a fretted 5 and a fretless 5. I'm deliberating over which material(s) to use for the bridge on the fretless, which I am planning on making one as opposed to using an intonation-adjustable bridge as per (most) fretted instruments.

I'm considering either a wooden bridge with wooden or bone saddles. I'm unsure of the properties of each, and information on the net appears pretty sketchy from what I can find. I figure that the sonic properties of the bridge will be similar to acoustic bridges, but beyond that I am unsure as this is an electric instrument.

Do discuss! Many thanks. :D

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Hi Pros

Can't help you with your question but I immediately had another question that you'll have to answer -

How are you gonna ground the strings? If you're using a metal tailpiece, no worries. If using string through or a bone/wood tailpiece it's gonna take some creativity.

Maybe run a small grounding wire to a zero fret?

If you've already figured this out just tell me to Foxtrot Oscar.



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