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Re-finishing Quilted Maple

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Hi all,

I am going to re-finish this guitar (probably red) as the finish is starting to yellow and I fancy a change.


I've only ever used paint before and was hoping you could give me some advice:

1) What is the best way to remove the laquer and prepare the surface to be dyed?

2) How can I remove the binding?

3) What type of dye should I buy (and can you recommend any good UK stockists)?

4) What kind of clear coat is best? Is there anything I can brush on, or is spray the best?

Sorry for all the questions :D

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I've searched for quite a while now and have answered most of my questions... sorry, being impatient.

However, I couldn't find anything specifically on re-dying maple a different colour. I assume I can strip the laquer with paint stripper, and then bleach the maple to get rid of the existing colour, then start the dying process from scratch?


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I'm certainly no expert, but I'd probably not bleach, I don't think you will get all the black out of the dark half. I'd probably strip the finish, sand it down, dye it all black, sand back, then do the red. A little black in the grain won't hurt and will make the figure stand out a bit more. Again, the trick here will be getting the whole top one even shade first.

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