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Grizzly Sale!


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I just got the Grizzly Spring Sale flyer. A lot of stuff is on sale through Sept. 25th. :D Great deals on the bandsaws. I'll be ordering the 14" heavy-duty bandsaw as soon as I clear out the garage! :D

They've also got clamps, router bits and sprayers on sale. There're also guitar finishes and some instrument kits.

They even have this chisel ground at the tip to be used to bang in staples for for $7.99 - it looks awfully like the one Stew-Mac sells as a fret setter for $20!!

see the link for that:



Happy Shopping!

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I ordered the spindle sander that is in that flyer, I also had $20 coupon code i got by e-mail, so i got the sander for 109.95 :D . I was tempted to drive the 3 1/2 hrs to their scratch n dent sale on saturday, but decided i better make some money, so i worked.

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Yeah, it's about 3 hours from me, also. Then I have to drag back whatever I buy on my Harbor Freight trailer or my friend's pickup! Knowing how I am, I'd probably end up with a 500 lb jointer!

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