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les paul double cut.....

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i have been thinking about building a les paul double cut style guitar.

i cam across this http://www.warmoth.com/showcase/wgp_body_d...temNumber=lpsc7

it seems there is not alot of meat around the neck pocket....i was wondering how stable it would be....anyone used this?

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I have this old italian guitar EKO Florentine 1967.... it has a bolt on neck, just like the Warmoth's double cut LP. The body is maple (as it says in the brochure but mine looks like mahogany), the neck pocket is smaller and much thinner than the Warmoth's,... the body isn't even solid... and it's still stable.



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yes its a cool guitar.. but unfortunately mine is damaged... I took this guitar from a friend of mine 8 years ago.. it was hanging on his wall and i said.. "hey can i have it?".. and he said "yes"... It was originally the single cutaway version (like a LP).. but someone made it double cut when converting it to a left hand guitar, and damaged the body very roughly, when replacing the pickups with fullsize humbuckers and placing pots, jack hole on the otherside, etc...

It's been staying in my closet for 8 years until I decided to build a new solid body for it couple of weeks ago.

This is how it looks like "right now". i just took the pics.. and sorry about the bad flash.




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