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Neck Alignment

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You could always find the center line of the body, and line that up with the center line of the neck. Good luck


Do this first, but don't route for pickups or drill for the bridge yet. Test fit the neck, then stick a straightedge on either side of the fingerboard and mark a light line down the length of the body (i.e. extending the fingerboard profile down the body). Now get your centerline from these two lines, and you will be guaranteed to have the bridge, pickups, and strings line up properly.

The thinking behind this is that if bridge and pickup positions are determined by the ACTUAL neck alignment, it won't matter if that actual neck alignment is a little off from the centerline.

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Alright guys, thanks a lot! Yeah, I wasn't entirely sure I had the right center line for the body, which was the main problem, but I hadn't thought of extending the fretboard, so to speak, and just getting it as close to aligned as possible before hand. I really appreciate it! :D

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