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Bass Rig Needed

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Hey guys!

I'm looking for a bass rig for a bassist in a pop rock band. These guys are recording a profeional album and we're looking for a rig to get the bassist setup for both live and in studio. These guys are lost when it comes to gear and bass isnt directly my specialty.

THE BIG ISSUE: Budget is around 1500$!!!

Im think something from ampeg like the svt 4 pro series and one of their cheaper cabs but thats slowly exceeding his budget!!

Bassists please help me out!

Thanks in advance!

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Carvin makes some OK stuff for recording. I have an Ampeg BXT410 that I bought for 500 used. Maybe that's an option? I also got the head (Fender Bassman400) for 200 used. I'd say head over to the local music shop and see what they've got. A lot of the time you can make a deal with their used equipment, depending on the condition.

Ampeg, Laney, Peavey and Mesa all make really nice amps. Peavey will probably be the most cost efficient. Good luck!

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Has he got a decent bass? That would have a big influence on the type of amp I went for. For recording you cant go wrong with the sansamp bass driver DI. You can also use it live as a preamp in front of the bass head or to take the bass to front of house. If you only want a single bass cab on stage, my preference would be a 4x10 or 4x12. Im not keen on the GK stuff. Ampeg you cant really go wrong. Im a trace elliot fan. I think their cabs are the best voiced cabs you can get for bass as they project very well from the stage at all the right frequencies and theyre pretty much indestructible. Hartke cabs are all mid scoop and sub-bass frequencies in my experience, but the heads are ok for the money.

What sort of player is he? mainly using a pick or fingers? If its your traditional sort of P-bass played with a pick, Id go for the best ampeg head you can afford and maybe a peavy 4x10 cab.

Its all about experimenting though and, as Narcissism said, look for whatever bargains are around at the time you are shopping for kit.

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