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Pre Radiused Fret Wire?


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Quite a few places, but you didn't give the slightest clue on your location. And you didn't say if there's an exact radius you want, and you didn't say what length you want the wire.

Most of the coils I have are around a 8 to 10 inch radius, but I can easily change the radius of the wire, even to a flatter radius.

I once walked into Gary Brawer's shop and asked for some Dunlop 6000. He pulls out a big coil and I go " Oh wow, it's already radiused " And then he goes " Yeah, but not enough". And I thought, what the hell is he talking about, he doesn't even know I'm putting it on a 16" radius board and his coil had a radius somewhere between 8 and 12 inches. Of course it was bent enough. I used to hear the weirdest stuff from repair guys and it kept me from letting them work on my guitar.

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